3 Alternate Uses For Mailbox Name Plates Beyond Mailboxes

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A mailbox name plate provides a concise and clear way to read the name and address of a mailbox owner. The name plates make it easier to deliver mail and help prevent mixed-up mail among other boxes or poorly labeled areas. 

The name plates work for more than just the mailboxes though. You can order mailbox name tags and find other professional uses for these high-quality pieces. Check out some of the alternate uses and ways you can use the name plates beyond just the standard mailbox.

1. Intercom Directories

If you own a building with built-in intercoms, then you could rely on mailbox name tags for use with the intercom label system. A professionally printed label system will make it clear who is trying to buzz into the building and ensure that guests connect with the proper apartment. Paper name tags can fade, fall out, and feature inaccurate information.

When a new person moves into the building, you can supply them with a high-quality tag and replace the previous one that was there. You could choose a black base with white letters to really help the text stand out as well.

2. Storage Units

Owners of storage units can easily label each unit with mailbox tags. The units could include number labels for organization or you can personalize the units more with additional details like the last name of a person who rents the unit. Storage unit name tags can mount right on the door of the unit or on a side panel.

When someone goes to visit their unit, they can easily find their unit with the name tag and not get lost or start guessing which unit they are supposed to go to.

3. In-House Office Boxes

Office owners can help workers stay organized with work documents and information when they use mailbox name tags. Apply the tags to office mail shelves so each employee has their own cubby. Workers can collect items from the cubby on a daily basis and ensure the office memos and documents all go to the right place.

With their uniformed look, the name plates ensure everyone gets the proper mail and you don't have to waste valuable work hours trying to sort out which letters and items are supposed to go to which employee. With each new employee you hire, you can order a mailbox name tag that matches the other designs.

Order a set of mailbox name tags to get started and then add additional tags as needed. Contact a local service to learn more about mailbox name plates.


14 April 2023

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