3 Ways To Use Elite Shungite For Autumn Decor

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Elite shungite stones serve numerous purposes in the home. Many people use these pure stones for decor. As you plan for the autumn season, you could purchase a collection of stones and find multiple uses for them around the home. The dark stones match autumn themes and many of the celebrations in autumn like Halloween.

Use the ideas here or use them to find some inspiration of your own as you plan fun decor options.

1. Zen Rock Gardens 

A zen rock garden typically includes a sand base with rocks placed in specific positions based on your mood and design. While many zen rock gardens include white sand, you could transform the garden with a different color of sand. The deep black colors of elite shungite go well with autumn colors like red or orange.

Purchase a zen garden with a red sand base and scatter some of the elite shungite around the sand to showcase a rich contrast and a clear autumn theme. You could also add faux autumn leaves to the garden for a nice touch.

2. Halloween Decor Jars

The black shungite stones offer up an ideal way to decorate for Halloween. Consider a simple decoration like a decorative jar. Clear jars offer some unique ways to showcase the stones. Along with the shungite stones, consider other colors to add to the Halloween theme. For example, you could purchase a lot of different orange stones like citrine or amber. Layer shungite stones on the bottom of a clear jar. Add a layer of orange stones and then repeat the process until you fill the whole jar. The patterned designs and Halloween colors create a nice centerpiece for a table. You could also place the jar on a shelf or display area in another room of your home.

3. Painted Rocks

When you shop for elite shungite, look for polished stones with smooth sides. The deep black backgrounds on the rocks make them an ideal canvas to paint on. Use bright and vivid acrylic paints directly on the rocks and create a number of autumn themes. For example, you could paint vivid orange pumpkins on the rocks.

Other themes may include leaves or Halloween designs like skeletons. Once you have a whole collection of rocks painted, you can put them on display as a group or as individual rocks located all around your home.

Order some elite shungite to get started and complete your autumn decor projects.


16 August 2022

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