Advice When Having A Postal Stamp Collection Appraised

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If you've taken the time over the years to build up a postal stamp collection, you may have an interest in selling it. Before you do, you'll want to have it appraised so that you know how much money you could get for it. This postage stamp collection appraisal will be easy to deal with if you take these precautions.

Find an Experienced Appraiser

So that you can trust the value that's awarded to your stamp collection is legitimate and accurate, you need to make sure this figure is gathered by a true professional. The appraiser needs to be certified and work with stamp collections all the time.

Then you can put more trust into the value they come up with at the end. You can search online for these appraisers and then have a better idea of who's reputable when it comes to providing stamp collection valuations. 

Gather Appraisals From Multiple Professionals

In addition to finding a quality appraiser to analyze your postal stamp collection, you want to work with several because then you'll have multiple price points to compare with each other. That's the best way to get an accurate baseline for how much you should accept from sellers.

Again, just make sure each appraiser has the appropriate credentials to be giving out values for your postal stamp collection. Then you just need to take their figures and see how they differ. You can go with the highest value or just take an average so that you fall somewhere in the middle.

Send Over Appropriate Documents if Going the Online Appraisal Route

If you're not able to find appraisers in your area that know a lot about postal stamp collections, then what you need to do instead if use an online appraisal service. It will remain convenient to use if you just provide helpful information on your stamp collection.

You need to describe each stamp that you're looking to get a value for, as well as include pictures. Then you won't really need to send over your collection to them in person, which just gives you added security when handling an online appraisal. 

Having a postal stamp collection could mean a lot of money for you if you decide to sell. You would just want to have this stamp collection professionally evaluated by a skilled appraiser. Then you'll know more about its value and thus what offers you should take seriously that come in. 


12 May 2022

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