Protecting Your Russian Nesting Doll

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Russian nesting dolls, also called matryoshka dolls, are gifts that keep on giving, so to speak. They can be used as decoration, storage containers for things like candy, and even toys to demonstrate to young kids how items can fit together. Whether you're getting an authentic Russian nesting doll that is hand-painted and delicate or a toy version designed to look like cartoon animals, you want to keep the dolls looking good for as long as possible. Caring for these dolls is simple, but you'll need to avoid a few pitfalls.

Anchor the Doll(s) to a Surface

First, if the dolls are going to be ornamental only, you need to anchor them to whatever surface you plan to display them on. These dolls can be lightweight and fragile, but even heavier, sturdier dolls can be prone to damage if dropped onto hard floors. If you have pets or kids, or you live in a quake zone, then anchoring them becomes even more important as the risks of them being pushed over or falling over are greater.

Wrap Each Layer When Moving

If you're moving, even locally, wrap each doll in tissue paper before nesting them. You want to protect the paint and finish from chips, and moving can make the dolls rattle around. There's usually enough space in between each doll to add a layer or two of wrapping. If the dolls are very fragile, be careful not to wrap them with so much paper that nesting them causes one to split open.

Dust Only

To clean the dolls, dust them carefully. Toy nesting dolls made of plastic can be washed, but if you have a traditional set of hand-painted wooden dolls, cleaners can remove varnish and paint. Dust these while dry, only, and keep them away from things that could splatter on them.

Open Them on a Clean Surface

When you open a Russian nesting doll, you often have to hold the doll horizontally and pull the ends apart, rather than just grabbing the top half and pulling up. Make sure you do this over a clean surface that has a soft cloth or towel on it. That way, if the inner dolls fall out, they hit something soft and clean, which reduces the risk of chips and other damage.

Russian nesting dolls are interesting and can have intricate, beautiful art. Caring for them properly lets you enjoy them for years.


24 May 2021

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