What To Consider When Buying A New Mattress

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Are you ready to ditch your old and sagging mattress? If so, you will need to know what to look for so that you select the right one.

Memory Foam

You may be interested in switching things up and buying a memory foam mattress. Be prepared for what you can expect by getting rid of your traditional spring mattress. Many people love memory foam because it is more comfortable for their spine and does not disturb their partner when changing positions during the night. However, memory foam is known to feel like a hotter mattress due to how it contours to the shape of your body. The heat cannot escape, so it makes you feel warmer as a result. 


It's important to consider both ends of the spectrum when you consider firmness. A super plush mattress may feel wonderful when you lay down on it for a minute or two in the mattress store, but it may not be right for you in terms of the long-term effects. These mattresses tend to sag and can lead to you experiencing discomfort when the mattress no longer is flat where your body is positioned at night. A very firm mattress can also lead to having pressure points that make your spine feel uncomfortable after a full night of sleep. The mattress should have just the right amount of firmness so that your body's curves feel like they are not being bent in weird ways. 


Some mattresses give you the ability to increase or decrease the firmness on each side of the mattress, which is perfect for married couples that share a bed. You can even do things like change the elevation of the head position on each side of the mattress for added comfort. If you and your partner have very different opinions about what kind of mattress to get, an adjustable mattress may be best for you. 


Is now the right time to upgrade the size of your mattress? Your comfort may have to do with not having the space to spread out. Consider making the switch to a king-sized mattress or even a California king mattress if you can fit a mattress of that size in your bedroom. Just be aware that going any larger than a king-sized mattress may make it difficult to find sheets that fit your mattress if you are very picky about what kind you have. 

Visit your local shop or look online for a mattress-buying guide to get more information. 


20 April 2020

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