4 Great Reasons To Opt For Carpeting For Your Business

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Are you looking for help deciding whether to install carpeting in your commercial building, or if you should stick with a hard-surface floor? Here, you'll find a short list of the reasons that carpeting could be the better choice for your business.

Less Chance for Slip and Fall Injuries

So many people are injured by slip and fall accidents each year. Installing carpeting will decrease the slippery surfaces that people have to slip on while they are working or visiting your business.

For areas that do have hard-surface flooring, make sure to lay down rugs with non-slip backing. In some cases, you may only need to put the rugs down during certain seasons – the messier seasons that come with mud, salt or snow.

Less Noise

Hard-surface floors cause the sound in the space to bounce around. Installing carpeting will decrease the amount of noise that echoes in the space. This means that you'll have a quieter workplace which is better for both your employees and your customers.

Less Dust

Carpeting will help to decrease the amount of dust that becomes airborne each day. The carpeting will catch and capture the dust as it settles. Hard-surface floors allow the dust and dirt to blow around each time someone walks past.

Less Cleaning

Hard-surface floors will need to be swept and mopped a few times each week – nightly if you have a very busy or dirty business. Carpeting will need to be vacuumed, but it will not look bad if you put the vacuuming off until the end of the week in many cases. You may only need to vacuum the busy areas each day or every other day to keep things looking nice.

Every six months or so, you'll need to have the carpeting professionally cleaned. This does come at an added expense, but it will be less than having the grout redone on tile and having tile or concrete floors waxed or polished every so often.

Talk with a commercial carpet installation professional to learn more about your options and the benefits of having carpeting installed in your business. He or she will assist you with choosing the best product to suit your needs and create the professional, comfortable and safe workplace that you desire. In the end, everything will look great, everyone will be happy and you'll have a business that's ready to serve each and every customer that walks through the doors.


3 February 2019

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