Three Community Amenities You Need To Have Nearby

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If you're like most people who are anticipating a move to a new community but haven't yet decided on the area in which you'll live, you've been busy investigating proximity good schools and other community amenities that are important to you. If you've already got employment lined up in your soon-to-be new home, you're probably also scoping out neighborhoods with an eye on easy and convenient commutes. However, there are some amenities that are easy to forget about until you wish you had them nearby. 

One of the most effective ways to ensure an optimal quality of life is to live within fairly easy proximity to certain amenities and services -- following are three of them. 

Proximity to a Family Restaurant

There will be plenty of times when enjoying a meal around the kitchen or dining room table simply isn't in the cards, and a good go-to family restaurant in the neighborhood makes dining out more of a pleasure than a chore. For instance, if you're absolutely beat during the middle of the week and just not up to the task of cooking dinner after work, having a favorite restaurant nearby is invaluable. Look for the sort of place that's been around for several years and has a varied menu to meet the individual needs and preferences of family members.

Proximity to a Mall Shopping Center

Living in close proximity to a good mall shopping center can enhance your quality of life significantly because you won't have to spend your leisure time driving to all areas of your new community to access necessary goods and services -- you'll have access to a variety of retail options and will be able to take care of the majority of your shopping with just one stop. For instance, you can have your hair done, see a movie, purchase a new pair of shoes, and do your weekly grocery shopping while your car is parked in the same parking space.  

Proximity to a Park 

Having a good park close by provides a place to get fresh air and exercise, enjoy impromptu picnics, and send the kids to play when they complain of being bored by sticking around the house. Imagine being able to take the dog for a walk in a nice park before or after work without having to get in the car and drive somewhere. 

If you're lucky enough to find a new community with all three of the features listed above, you're in for many happy years in your new home. 


9 February 2018

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