Five Thoughtful Gifts For The Horse Lover In Your Life

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If you're trying to purchase a gift for a horse lover — and aren't that into horses yourself — you may not know exactly what to get for them. Luckily, many horse lovers truly love their horses, so there are a lot of options that let them show their pride for their pet and their sport.

1. A Gift Certificate

It often sounds like a good idea to gift a saddle or bridle, especially if you know the style of riding that the individual does. But these things are highly personal, and the fit has to be tailored not only to them but also their horse. A gift certificate may not be as flashy, but is far more useful and gives them the opportunity to select something they truly love.

2. Photographs and Albums

If your horse lover is a competitive horse rider, consider putting together a sequence of photographs or an album of some of their best competitions. You can celebrate their accomplishments while also giving them something to celebrate their four-legged partner with. 

3. Horse-Related Jewelry

A necklace or a charm bracelet that has a horse-related theme is a great way for your gift recipient to display their love of the hobby. If you want something elegant and timeless, you can choose something subtle like a rose gold horseshoe necklace. If you want something casual and fun, you can consider purchasing a charm bracelet and adding several horse-related charms: saddles, horseshoes, and horses.

4. Scarves, Purses, and Other Accessories

From cellphone covers to fashionable scarves, there are many clothing accessories that are horse-related. Keep an eye out for things that tend to have bold, wild patterns, such as leggings, custom dresses, and hats. Keep in mind your friend or family member's personal style; ideally, you'll be able to find an accessory that matches both the theme and their fashion sense. 

5. Home Decor

Paintings, candle holders, lamps, and sculptures — there is a tremendous variety of horse-related items represented in home decor. If you've seen your horse lover's home, you likely have an idea of their decorating style. In many situations, you can't go wrong with an elegant sculpture.

Horse lovers are often wild about their horses, and that's great because it means that there are many horse-related products. Consider going to an antique store or hobby store to simply look around; odds are you'll find the perfect horse-themed gift quite quickly.

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2 December 2017

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