Preserve Your Aunt's Memory With Visual Aids And Small Tokens

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If you are planning on having your aunt cremated and would like to provide everyone who attends her cremation ceremony with visual aids and small tokens that will help preserve your aunt's memory, use the ideas below to help you prepare a ceremony that is fitting for your loved one:

Surround Your Aunt's Urn With Personal Effects

Meet with a funeral director to view urns that are for sale. If you plan on having your aunt's urn engraved, provide a template or rough draft of the designs that you would like added to the container. If you plan on displaying your loved one's urn inside of your home once the cremation ceremony has ended, an urn that has a light installed on its exterior will help enhance the beauty of the piece.

.After displaying your aunt's urn on a table inside of the room where her ceremony will take place, set personal items around the urn that are reminiscent of your aunt's life. Small photographs and mementos that your aunt collected are some items that can be added. Encourage attendees to view your aunt's urn at leisure and observe the personal items that surround it. 

Purchase Jewelry That Can Be Worn During The Ceremony

One way for you to share your aunt's ashes is by purchasing pieces of jewelry that are designed solely to hold a few ashes. Necklaces, brooches, and pendants are some common types of jewelry that can have miniature urns secured to them.

After visiting a jeweler who sells cremation jewelry, decide upon a specific type of jewelry that you would like to purchase for family members and friends who attend your aunt's ceremony. Once people begin filtering into the room where the ceremony is being held, offer each person a piece of jewelry and ask them to wear it throughout your aunt's ceremony.

Create A Timeline

Use a large piece of paper or cardboard to create a timeline of your aunt's life. Use a ruler or tape measure to help you place an even amount of space between information that is being added to the timeline. Use dark-colored markers to write down information that pertains to your aunt's life. If you would like to add photographs to the paper or cardboard, secure the pictures with small strips of two-sided tape. Hang the timeline on one of the walls inside of the room where the cremation ceremony is being held. 

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18 September 2017

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