3 Questions To Ask When Buying A Color Printer For Your Home Office As A Writer

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Being a professional writer means it is always important to have all of the tools you need on hand to get every task done, and a printer is definitely one of them. However, just the task of choosing a good printer for your home office can be a huge event. There are so many different brands, models, and features to pick from that you can feel like you are drowning in an overabundance of choices. To help you get the best printer for your office as a writer, there are some pretty important questions to know the answers to before you settle on a certain one. 

Are you more concerned with print quality or capability?

There are some pretty impressive printers on the market that have all kinds of snazzy features, from having the ability to send faxes and print from an SD card to offering web connectivity and self-cleaning functions. In general, all-in-one printers are fairly easy to find and these printers offer a range of features for the average user. However, if your primary concern is print quality, you may have to compromise on some of those added features if you want the best–that is unless you are willing to pay a little more to get all of it in one unit. 

How important is it to you to have a wi-fi capable printer?

Many of the modern printers available for your home office have onboard wi-fi connectivity abilities, which can definitely be nice when you want to print wirelessly or order ink straight from your printer. However, if you have a limited data speed available, having a wireless printer may not be ideal anyway because it will simply use up your available bandwidth when in use. It can be more feasible to go with a basic wired printer, save some money, and still get most of the functions you need. 

How will you be using your printer?

Do you print up your own media after writing it for clients? Will you be printing photographic images to use as part of a book? What weight of paper will you need to feed through the printer? All of this is important to remember when you are buying a printer for your writing office. Knowing specifically what you will be using your printer for the most will help you find a model that is capable of handling your usual business needs. 


7 August 2017

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