Three Benefits Of Reusable Produce Bags

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Not many people have discovered reusable produce bags yet. They are, for obvious reasons, very popular in California, where there is an abundance of fresh produce. (However, if you ask some people about these bags, they may think you are referring to plastic bags from the grocery store and wonder why anyone would reuse those.) If you want to know more, here are some benefits of using reusable produce bags.

They Are Reusable

These bags are not plastic. They are a lightweight mesh bag that cannot make your produce toxic with petroleum-based poisons or BPA (bisphenol A), a toxin commonly found in plastic products. Toxins from such plastic bags tend to leach into the produce when wet produce sits in the bag for a long time. Ergo, it is nice that the reusable produce bags are not plastic, and are safe for your food.

Some Grocery Stores Will Give You a Discount for Using Them

Grocery stores that cater to organic produce and whole foods try to discourage customers from using anything that would poison the environment and poison people. As such, any reusable non-plastic bags you take into the store to buy food grants you the bonus of a discount on your purchases. Check with your local organic grocers to see which ones offer this discount.

They Double as Produce Washing Bags

When you buy produce, you wash it before you eat it (or at least you should). This involves placing your produce in a colander or strainer and running water over it continuously. You have to keep turning the produce over to make sure it is thoroughly washed.

These reusuable produce bags make that task so much easier. Because the bags are mesh, you can wash the produce right through the bag, turning the bag over as you wash. If you do not want to eat the produce right away, you can wash it and then store it, still in the bag, in your refrigerator.

Where to Find Reusuable Produce Bags for Sale

Reusable produce bags can be purchased online with well-known e-tailers. You can also find some for sale at farmer's markets, if the local farmers are "in the know." Organic grocers may also sell them in order to promote environmentally friendly ways of buying, carrying, and storing your produce. They are often sold in batches of six or twelve, in various colors (in case you also want to color-coordinate what produce is stored in which bag).


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