A Few Things You Should Know About Buying Jewelry

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Sometimes you buy a piece of jewelry because you really like the way it looks and you do not care that you may be overpaying for it because it is not an investment. However, there are also times when you want to be sure that the stones and settings are worth what you pay for them. Unless you are a trained gemologist, it can be difficult to know for sure what you are looking at. To help you get the most for your money, here are a few tips for buying jewelry.

Names and Brands

If you are concerned about the value of the stones, setting, and metal of the piece the brand or name on it should not come into play. Many of the big or famous jewelry stores feel the value of a piece is higher because it is at their store. You should not pay for the store name when buying jewelry. If a gemologist were to appraise the piece, where you bought it would not mean anything. Not only will this mean that you will not get the same amount if you needed to sell the piece, it also means that insurance companies may not insure it for that amount. If the piece were stolen, lost, or damaged you would not receive enough money to replace the item. It is best to go with a local jewelry store or one that does not raise the price of a piece because it sits in their showcase. Always check more than one store or dealer to find the lowest price for each piece you want to buy.

Natural, Synthetic, and Imitation

Natural stones and pearls are mined or found in oysters in the ocean. Synthetic stones are made in a laboratory but are still real. Cultured pearls are still real pearls, formed in a shelled mollusk. However, they are not in the ocean but in a mollusk farm where everything is controlled for the formation of perfect pearly. Imitation gems are basically colored plastic or glass. Truly natural stones and pearls are going to be the most expensive. They are also harder to come by as the source for them is being depleted. You should also know that most natural stones have some type of laboratory enhancement done to them to make them look more perfect. Do not discount buying synthetic stones or cultured pearls as they can be well worth the money.

If you happen to know a jeweler, ask him or her to go with you when you buy jewelry. You can also take something you bought to a different store to be appraised. If you find you did not get what you thought you bought you can always return it as a reputable jewelry store will have some type of guarantee. Always make sure you get any paperwork or certifications for the jewelry you buy. You deserve to get the jewelry you pay for without having to worry that you overpaid.


31 July 2017

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