Tips For A More Mature Gothic Aesthetic

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The Gothic aesthetic can be an interesting fashion choice for many people in middle school and high school. However, some people want to try to continue this fashion statement on throughout their young adult years and beyond. However, it can be important to make sure that you are able to continue to mature your style as you mature physically in order to make sure that you feel comfortable. Here are some tips for a more mature Gothic aesthetic.

1. Add a Touch of Tough to Sweet

One option for maturing your Gothic look is to simply blend the tough of being Gothic to things that are considered too be more sweet or traditionally feminine, if that is the look that you are trying to pull off. You can wear a frilly skirt with black combat boots that start at the ankle. You could also wear a soft tunic over leggings and thigh-high black boots. This will allow you to proclaim your Gothic nature but in a more subtle way. When you're young, you want your fashion to be in the faces of those around you. Now that you're older and more mature, subtlety is definitely going to be your best friend.

2. Express Either the Eyes or the Lips

The next thing that you want to do is focus on your makeup. When you were in middle school or high school, you likely focused on putting on a lot more makeup than you now realize necessarily looked good. In order to bring balance to your face and emphasize a more mature look, you will need to choose to either emphasize your lips or your eyes. This basically boils down to wearing lipstick or wearing eyeliner and mascara. By choosing one, you can again make your Gothic aesthetic a little bit more subtle, which will make it all the more rewarding for people who notice it.

3. Use Wider Belts

Using a ton of skinny, studded belts used to be a great look, but you might want to change it now that you are older. Consider wider belts and only wearing one, with less studs. This will allow you to transition into a more mature aesthetic.

4. Focus on the Victorian Look

Finally, create a Victorian silhouette with floor-length skirts and riding jackets in order to keep your Gothic look casual but still elegant.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in Gothic casual attire.


27 January 2017

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